Are you bored?

A lot of people were acutely bored during the lockdown and it persists. The pandemic has seized most of our routine activities. Personally, whenever I have felt bore for long, it always leads up to frustration, demotivation, and anger. Hence, that is the last way I want to feel.  It is urgent to understand and eliminate such emotions.  Every emotion that we feel is trying to communicate something to us. Lack of work does increase our chances of feeling bored. But that isn't the only cause. Lack of quality of work that we do is the leading cause of such an emotion. We shall analyze the kind of work we are doing in our field. Quality of work is most important to feel content. Someone who has no objective can never feel content or motivated. It is crucial to have at least one passion and strive in that particular field. If not so, we will always be bored, and lose the idea of time. There are countless opportunities in this digital world. Hence, it is foolish to complain about not hav…

5 steps to understand yourself truly

There are so many labels that we put onto ourselves consciously and even subconsciously that we limit our understanding of ourselves. We don't see us beyond those boxes that we were put into by the people around us. Career, money, looks, and religion are the only parameters we use to judge ourselves and get judged. That is how much we comprehend. We undermine our potential and subconsciously absorb what others think of us. If someone labels us hideous our mind gives us more than a hundred reasons instantly to believe it. Likewise, when we are deemed smart, we absorb it. We get so lazy that we don't even look within or analyze what we are. Most of us have fixed patterns. Some think too highly of themselves and overlook their shortcomings. Others undermine themselves so much that they forget all their gifts.

Here are five things that determine us the best among all the chaos.1. We are what we hideThe parts of us that we rarely share.The chunks that we treasure and not display. Ou…

5 types of toxic people you should avoid

We can’t just wake up and suspend people in our lives, but we surely can recognize the toxic ones and keep our distance. It’s crucial to be cognizant of the people around us. 

1. Dishonest
Honesty may not be the best policy always, but it is ideal in most times. There’s no-one worse than a dishonest person who lies frequently. I would place back biters in this category. Back biters are the sophisticated version of dishonest people and are a step ahead. They would lie to your face and talk behind your back. 
2. Rigid
These are the people who don’t fathom beyond their point of view. This is a person who would neither agree to your opinion nor will they let you have that opinion. They are aggressive and lack acceptance. These are people with a fixed mindset of right and wrong, anything which doesn’t fit their idea is already offensive. Rigid people fancy trolling because anytime they see something that they don’t approve of, they become nasty and mean.
3. Dramatic
All of us want our lives to b…

Flaws of the Indian education system

This is not to compare the Indian education system with other countries or to disregard it for its merits.There's always a scope of improvement and right now a lot needs to be reformed. Here are few things that need immediate attention.

A student is either excellent, average, or poor. That is how we classify and label children from the very beginning. To make the distinction more clear we further separate them with the notion that like minds should study together. This is sick. We are all changing. The fixed idea of intelligence is damaging. A person grows up with a notion of what they're and sets his/her goal accordingly. It is so easy to call someone talented and the other dull even when it's about basic learning in primary school. Besides academics, there is labeling even in co-curricular. An extrovert is considered good at co-curricular and an introvert bad at it. Even though there are great singers, dancers, writers, speakers who are introverts. The problem w…

Nepotism : beyond Bollywood and mere favors

The debate on nepotism has taken a spur. Suddenly everyone's talking about it. Weird how the audience talks more about someone after their death than when they were alive. Nepotism does exist and no matter how star kids would like to address it or deny its existence altogether, it prevails. 
We talk about nepotism in Bollywood very often because it is one of the most sought after professions and it is there for everyone to see. Truth is nepotism does exist everywhere, from small shops to big corporations. We can't deny it living in a country where most businesses are family-owned. People in power tend to recruit employees who are relatives even though there are contenders who are more qualified or capable. There is no level playing field. Nepotism extends beyond just the recruitment process to promotions and all kinds of favor. We may have laws like the Companies Act, 2013, to keep a check on nepotism but to change the ground reality would require a lot more effort. Imagine wor…

Trolling and comment wars

Trolling is a disgrace to a growing and a rather liberal world.   There is a fine line between constructive criticism and trolling.  And is the line so blurred that educated, privileged individuals cross it so often? Is it so hard to understand? Aren't we enlighten enough to realize where we cross the line? Is trolling about what's trolled or just a projection of someone's melancholy or  insecurity? Is it just about anonymous people using obscurity to speak ill or also about individuals speaking up on behalf of the majority? Is trolling limited to what's said or posted online? Isn't it also what rigid minds do on an everyday basis?

Firstly, what we commonly speak about. Trolling because of feeling unfortunate, insecure, and sad. Reactions of a bitter individual who feel unsatisfied looking upon rather content people. A behavior triggered by internet-gifted-anonymity where one is confident to utter lengths of nonsense without any fear of the consequence because their usern…

Why so obsessed with beauty?

Why are we so much obsessed with our appearances. Does this dimension of our lives deserve all that botheration?The race to look the best is doing more harm to women than body hair.I am not here to praise twinkle in our eyes or the glory in our smile, but to make a point that our obsession with beauty is mad-crazy.

The way I look at it someone's attractive looks do no good to you. The present beauty standards are undermining, distracting, and destructive. It affects women more, on average women own 40 cosmetics. As long as you are not aspiring to be eye candy or to join show-biz, there is no need to freak so much about your looks.Can we just stop talking about who wore what at the party? Can we breathe and let people be.It is high time that we admire each other for confidence, sass, talent .Basically let us compliment each other on what we do rather than how we look.
We have had enough of airport looks, the gym looks, the event looks, behind the scene looks, and many more, paparazzi…